Maybe you have tried to remove bg image online.  You see there are many online tools that help you remove background from photos without downloading any applications. Although it is straightforward to use and does not require many technology-related skills, you will still make some mistakes that can affect your results. Therefore, let’s explore with us 5 mistakes that people often encounter when using online photo background removal tools.

Remove bg image online: 5 things you must avoid
Remove bg image online: 5 things you must avoid

Ignore the quality of the original image

The first thing and something that people easily make is not paying attention to the quality of the original photo. You might think that this is a fairly mild and easy problem to detect, but actually, the number of users who ignore this problem is quite large.

The low-quality photo

When you want to remove bg image online, the photo needs to be of good quality from the beginning. Because when the features of the subject and background in the photo are clear, online tools can detect and easily recognize your background.

For photos with low original image quality, the online tool you use makes it difficult to identify the background and main subject. With higher-quality photos, the online tool will remove the background easily and the quality will be better. And vice versa.

Not regarding privacy concerns

Many online tools completely help you remove bg without logging in or registering an account. However, you may think that nothing is free and the tools that do not require an account will be more fraudulent. But the truth is the opposite, free tools have many ways to make money from those who don’t think, such as the ads placed in the interface of the tool, or the banners you click.

Also in contrast to your thoughts, the tools that require you to register your account will make it even easier to steal your information. When you sign up for an account at a website, a non-reputable tool, you may easily be stolen. When registering an account, you will need some information like email or phone number. So pay attention and carefully understand which tool is reputable.

Click on risky popups

The third problem that you often encounter is clicking on dangerous popups, whether accidentally or intentionally from unreliable AI background removers online. The appearance of advertising banners or popups may make you curious or unintentional, so you click on those popups or banners.


example of a popup

If they are normal popups, it’s okay, but if they are dangerous popups containing viruses, your information will be easily stolen and your device will be damaged. Therefore, using safe websites, popups on these websites also have a much higher level of safety.

Rely solely on automation

Many background removal tools will help you remove the background automatically. You just need to upload a image and the tool will help you remove the background.

But you should not rely on that automation too much, because there are small details that the tool will not be able to handle perfectly for you. Use a manual brush to process your photo combined with the automatic background removal capabilities of the tool of your choice.

Not double-check the result

Not checking the results of the photo after removing the background is certainly not new to everyone. Regardless of any problem, double-checking the result is sometimes considered “redundant” when the process has been checked very carefully.

However, you should know that an image will have a lot of details that need to be processed, especially in the background with many objects. No matter how well you processed the photo during the process of removing the background, you should still check one last time to see if the image is exactly what you want.


The errors we just mentioned above are all intended to help users have a better overview, and be more careful with unreliable tools. Especially with tools that require you to provide too much personal information. Among the tools we have learned about, you can try, one of the tools that satisfies the problems we have raised. However, as we said, you still need to pay attention to some things like checking the final results.