LinkedIn background image ideas

According to LinkedIn Stats 2023, the platform has over 930 million members, making it the biggest social media platform for people connecting for work. Like on other social media, people on LinkedIn also want to stand out from the crowd to find new chances for work and cooperation. An impressive background image is small yet important to impress people viewing your profile. So in this blog, we will reveal about 9 LinkedIn background image ideas for both businesses and individuals. Join us then create the best one for you. 

General requirements for a LinkedIn background image

Before having an impressive professional background image, make sure that your image meets all the fundamental things that a LinkedIn profile background image should have.

  • Recommended LinkedIn background photo dimensions: 1584 x 396 pixels
  • Aspect ratio: 4:1 
  • Size: under 8Mb 
  • Accepted formats: JPG, GIF, and PNG

Your LinkedIn background image should be representative of your professional brand and aligned with your career goals. The image should be high-resolution and eye-catching yet not too distracting. You want viewers focused on your content, not just your photo. 

The ideal image dimensions for a LinkedIn background are 1584×396 pixels to ensure the image renders properly on all devices. Choose an image that looks professional, avoiding recreational photos or overly stylized graphics. Be mindful of the color palette and avoid jarring contrasts. Include minimal text if any, as the focus should be visual.

LinkedIn background image ideas for business accounts 

A LinkedIn background image for a business account should be professional enough to convey your brand. It’s best if that image can showcase your office, team, events, or customer interactions. Below are 5 ideas for a business LinkedIn background photo

Workspace and company info 

Workspace and company info

An image that reflects your office environment or team collaboration to highlight company culture is not a bad idea. It’s easy for you to get one picture like that. The image also features signature branding elements like logos, colors, and fonts to reinforce your brand identity. You can do further editing for that image by adding some information about your company like website, email, or hotline. 

Products and company info

Linkedin background image of company products

Showing off your products in a fun, realistic way in the LinkedIn background image can help people feel true to your brand. Creating an infographic picture to highlight key features of your product is great for this idea. Remember to keep ample breathing room around images so they pop. Besides, colors and fonts should be in harmony with your logo for a cohesive look. Ultimately, you want shots that feel authentic to what you provide customers, not just generic stock photos. Show the personality behind your products in a way that connects with your audience!

Humans of your company 

Humans of your company

A picture authentically showcases people that make your business great. You can use images of employees collaborating, headshots of leadership, team-building events, or customer interactions to humanize your brand. Images that capture real employees doing meaningful work or interacting will allow viewers to connect with the individuals behind your company and convey your culture.

Awards for your company  

Linkedin background image ideas awards

LinkedIn background pictures can prominently display trophies, certificates, or bold graphics representing your achievements and accolades. It’s a good way to validate your credibility and expertise with visitors. You could create a collage of multiple awards or feature your most prestigious honor. Keep text minimal and let the images of your awards make a bold statement about your success.

Company’s partnership

linkedin background image showwcasing partnership

Demonstrate impressive connections by creatively featuring logos or images representing high-profile clients, sponsors, or partners you work with. Strategic co-branding visually conveys your network and industry footprint. Maintain balance by not overcrowding the image. Pair logos with complementary colors and consider sizes that reflect the relative importance of each partnership shown.

LinkedIn background image ideas for personal accounts

LinkedIn background image ideas for personal accounts are freer. They could express who you are, what you are doing, or what you like. Check out 4 ideal LinkedIn background images for individuals below:

Simple background with a quote you like 

Design LinkedIn background image with quotes

A quote that inspires you makes for a great background image. You should pick something motivational that resonates with your values and personality. An image or graphic that enhances the quote’s message can pair nicely with it. Quotes are a nice way for backgrounds to convey what drives you. Just be sure your image looks professional and not too distracting. Keep the design clean and make sure any text is easy to read. Most importantly, pick a quote that authentically represents who you are!

Background telling about your job 

linkedin background-image ideas about your job title

A LinkedIn background image telling what you are doing is worth considering. It can be a photo of you at the office, on the working ground. Or simply go for a graphic creatively illustrating your job title. Gear, tools, or environments related to your work make great options to feature. Just be sure your image looks polished and appropriate. You want your background to give viewers engaging yet professional insight into your career. Let your image proudly display your job in a way that feels real.

Background about your hobbies 

Background about your hobbies

Your hobbies and passions make for a great background to show your whole self. Images of you actively engaged in an interest or hobby showcase a well-rounded personality. It gives your connections a better sense of who you are. Just be mindful that the image looks tasteful and doesn’t distract from your profile. A background featuring something you love doing in your free time can make you more relatable while showcasing your interests.

Background about your place 

background image about landscape

An image of your current city or other place meaningful is good to make a LinkedIn background photo. Try a skyline, landscape, or recognizable landmark that represents where you’re from to celebrate places that have shaped you. And don’t forget to keep it professional with any text or effects added.  

Wrapping things up 

Your background image is valuable real estate for conveying your brand. Carefully choose a photo or graphic that authentically represents you while aligning with your career goals. Keep the image polished and refined for a professional impression. Let your backdrop showcase what makes you or your business unique. With an engaging yet appropriate background photo, you can make your LinkedIn profile stand out.