how to make amazon product photos

Want to become a successful Amazon seller in 2024? Don’t forget that product images play an important role in encouraging online shoppers to press the checkout button. Moreover, Amazon also has specific requirements for images on their website. If you are new to this e-commerce platform, read this guideline on how to make Amazon product photos that make sure your listing won’t be rejected and you can get more sales as well. 

Amazon’s requirements for listing product images

Before we dive deeper into how to make Amazon product photos, let’s have a quick look at how Amazon rules images that are eligible for their website. All of the following information is included in Amazon’s product image requirements

Image Specifications

  • Images should be in JPEG, TIFF, or GIF format. ( JPEG is preferred)
  • The image pixel dimensions should be at least 1000 x 1000 pixels.
  • The recommended aspect ratio is 1:1, but a minimum of 500 x 500 pixels is acceptable.
  • The maximum file size for images is typically 10 MB.

Main Image 

This is the most important image and represents your product listing. It should be on a pure white background, show only the product with no additional props or accessories, and meet Amazon’s minimum size requirements (500×500 pixels for most product categories).

Additional Images 

You can include up to 8 additional images per listing to complement the main image. These can showcase different angles, details, color options, etc. They should also meet the minimum size requirement.

Image Quality

 Images must be in focus, free of alterations or enhancements, and accurately represent the product. A minimum 300 dpi resolution is recommended.

Amazon product photo example

Image Content 

No overlays, borders, text, or other graphics are allowed in the image. Only photos of the exact product being sold can be used.

Variation Images

If you sell variations of a product (different colors, sizes etc), each variation must have its own set of unique images showing that specific version.

Copyright/Use Rights 

 You must own the rights to use all imagery or have explicit permission from the rights holder. Amazon prohibits copyright infringement.

Props & Accessories 

 Images should show only the product on a white background, not being worn or used. Some exceptions apply to things like jewelry.

Packaging Images 

For new, sealed products, one image can show the packaging/label design. All other images must show the actual product inside, and outside packaging.

How to make Amazon product photos on your own?

Selling products on Amazon is all about making a strong first impression, and one of the most impactful ways to achieve this is through high-quality product photos. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through ten essential tips on how to create Amazon product photos that captivate potential customers and drive your business forward.

Step 1: Prepare products, necessary gear and accessories 

preparation to make amazon product photo

Having the right gear is essential for producing professional Amazon product photos. In this section, we’ll guide you on selecting the appropriate camera, lenses, tripod, and other accessories to consistently capture crisp, professional shots.

  • Camera

It’s okay to take product photos with a phone camera. However, you need to retouch pictures more to make them look professional. If you intend to take product photos by phone, give it a try with the Apple iPhone 13/14/15 Pro and Pro Max, Google Pixel 6 Pro, or Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro. 

For professional cameras under $500, you can refer to the list of Sony Alpha a5100, Canon EOS Rebel T7, Panasonic LUMIX ZS80,  Canon EOS M50, or Nikon D5500. 

If you lack design skills or are lazy at retouching images, Fujifilm cameras are the perfect option for you. One advantage of Fujifilm products is that they come with built-in filters in the device, making it easy for users to choose and apply them to the frame.

  • Tripod

Whether you use a phone or camera, a tripod is also essential to prevent cameras from shaking when taking photos. 

  • Lighting equipment 

Lighting equipment is indispensable for achieving professional-quality photos. Key tools include softboxes, umbrellas, and ring lights, which provide controlled and diffused lighting.

Step 2: Take product photos 

take amazon product photos

  • Creating the right setting around your products is crucial for conveying your brand story and making your items shine.
  • Adding depth, dimension, and a warm, inviting feel to your product photos by using lights. You should learn how to utilize natural light effectively, including tips on positioning products near windows, using reflectors, and taking advantage of the golden hour.
  • Choosing the right angles for your product photos can make a significant difference. 
  • Adjusting camera angles and lighting to improve your product photos.
  • Shoot photos 

Step 3: Edit your photos

As we have mentioned above, Amazon has specific requirements for images. Therefore,  before uploading images to Amazon, you have to retouch them. 

  1. Create a white background for images: You can edit backgrounds with the help of an online background remover like It can clean up the current background and then replace it with a white one without destroying the quality of your photo. 
  2. Resize images: remember that Amazon prefers pictures larger than 1000px so that customers can zoom in to see products clearly. 
  3. Further editing: Besides the main image, you should enhance the quality of other images, create composition images so that customers can see products from different angles, or add text to pictures and make them more informative. 

Re-up product images from other platforms on Amazon

In case you don’t want to take product photos on your own, we have a solution: re-uploading photos from other platforms. However, you have to edit images before listing them on Amazon. 

  • First, download product images to your device. 
  • Secondly, remove the current backgrounds and replace them with a white background that adheres to Amazon’s requirements. 
  • Thirdly, resize and enhance the quality of images, adding text to images to make them different. 

Suggested tools to retouch your images: 

  • Use to remove backgrounds
  • Use to enhance the quality of images 
  • Use Canva if you want to add text or decorate something in the pictures. 

Exclusive tip to get more sales by enhancing Amazon product photo 

Creating impressive product photos doesn’t necessarily require fancy equipment or extensive preparation. It’s important to know how to unleash your creativity and efficiency.

Your product photos should do more than just showcase the items. They should tell a story that connects with your customers on a deeper level. Instead of bland, isolated white-background shots, place your products in context and evoke emotion through narrative elements.


You have read the blog about how to make Amazon product photos, from preparation to post-processing. Don’t worry if you are not a photographer, by practicing often, your skills in taking photos will be enhanced a lot. Besides, don’t forget to adhere to Amazon’s image requirements. Hope that you will get more sales thanks to awesome images on Amazon.