Surely you have encountered problems that are difficult to handle when thinking about creating impressive product photos. That’s not too unusual, so don’t worry. There are many problems that will happen during that process, such as the background being too ugly and you having to find the suitable remove bg tools, or the way of arranging decorations for products is not logical, etc. So, in today’s article, we will show you 5 tips you need to know to make your product photos more impressive than ever.

Understand your product and target customers

The first thing and first step for you to be able to create beautiful product photos is to clearly understand your product and your TA (target customer). What is your product? Is it food, is it a pencil, is it a notebook, is it a shirt, or is it something special? What is the use of that product? What is its USP (unique selling points)? How is your product more special and different from other products of the same type?


Understand your product and customers


The second thing is about the customers you want to target. That pencil is for students, this shirt is for students, or is this perfume bottle for classy ladies? Who do you want to direct your product to, what kind of people are they, what do they love and what do they need? You need to clearly understand your product as well as the customers you want to target, so when you take a photo of the product, you will understand more clearly what that photo needs to represent.

Take high-quality photo images

To have a beautiful product photo, you need to take a high-quality raw photo. That means the photo needs to be clearly visible in terms of composition, color, and main subject. The photo must not be blurry or have details that are difficult to distinguish.

Simply put, when you take a Christmas photo, and the subject has the same color tone with a red background, but the subject and background are quite similar in color, the photo is blurry and out of focus. How can you distinguish between the background and the subject? Because of this, you need to learn how to use the equipment and take a great image.

Choose the right photo edit software

This is the third factor for you to create a beautiful product photo and is also the factor that makes many people hesitate the most. You will need to research and choose the tool that you feel suits you best. Why is it “appropriate”? Because tools will be divided into many different categories, there are photo editing tools for professional designers like Photoshop, Ai, Ae, etc.

But there are also tools for non-professionals like Picsart, SnapEdit, etc. There are also many online tools that are available if you have Internet Besides, choose reliable tools to avoid your information being stolen.

Edit images to adhere to social media requirements

The next thing you need to pay attention to is the requirements of social networking sites for your photos. Each social networking site will have different rules when posting photos, for example about photo size, resolution, etc. So, list the social networking sites where you will post photos and note their requirements. From there, your photos will look better on each different social networking site. Besides, you also have to pay attention to the types of the product images. It is PNG, JPG, or anything else that the social media platform will approve?

Besides, to make the photo more beautiful according to the requirements of social networking sites, you can change the photo background to do that. It doesn’t sound very relevant, but it’s actually a pretty good way. Sometimes the photo you posted may have a blurred background, or low quality, difficult to see clearly. You can remove the background with and edit that background.

Create a consistent brand aesthetic

This is what you will most likely see, creating consistency in your design. If the logo is pastel, design the background the same color as the logo. Keep everything related, especially when it comes to product details. If the background of the photo you took is not uniform, you can remove bg for the photo and edit it to another background with .


So, those are the 5 tips to help you create impressive product images. Remember to check all the details in the photo and see if there is any mistake that the photo has made. Creating a beautiful product picture is no longer difficult if you know the tips.