AI modern technology helps people a lot in photo editing. Specially, AI technology in removing background from pictures is such a game changer. Although AI background removers were born later, they are loved by millions of people nowadays thanks to the convenience . But can they replace previous traditional tools? Let’s dive in to find out the answer!

5 common mistakes when manually removing background 

Ai background remover replace traditional tool

Removing background by traditional tools like Photoshop does show disadvantages. Why?

Because, it is easy to choose the wrong tool. Before you can use Photoshop, you have to learn about its features and complicated tools. This causes you to waste a lot of time.

Secondly, using manual traditional tools requires skills. It’s hard for beginners to use tools professionally to detect subjects and objects. That leads to Inaccurate selection.

Thirdly, rough edges and edges make the image look unnatural and easily recognisable as photo-edited.

Besides, it is easy for beginners to lose details in the photos that contain small and meticulous details such as hair, complicated and stylish clothes, small accessories such as bracelets and watches.

Finally, manually removing the background can lead to inconsistent lighting. It makes the image look unrealistic because the background does not match the subject.

Why AI technology can replace traditional background removal bushes

Edit images with AI

Need the Remove bg feature only? We believe AI technology can replace manual tools thanks to its precision and speed.

Smarter to remove complex background

AI image editing tools are very smart. It can easily identify objects’ backgrounds that need to be erased. They can automatically separate between the background and the main subject that needs to be kept: people, objects, or main subjects in a picture. AI background remover like is able to detect human hair and animal fur precisely.

Save time for designers

With the help of AI background remover, people spend less time on editing photos. For example,  if you want to remove a background with Photoshop, it may take a few minutes or more, but online AI Remove BG tool can do it in 2-3 seconds.

Save money for businesses

Save money for businesses and users

And finally, with the help of AI background remover, business saves tons of money. Instead of hiring one or several designers to edit photo backgrounds, now they have AI tools to do that task. Besides, store owners do not need to spend money to use expensive photo editing software to edit photos.